Contributor Guidelines

Thank you for agreeing to contribute to

There are a few sensible guidelines:

Guiding Principle

The purpose of this site is to provide tool agnostic business process advice especially where it relates to good UPN practice, with the aim of making this an authoritative, trusted resource.  


  1. Please use whatever UPN app you wish to illustrate your point of view.
  2. No sales pitches for a specific product or service.
  3. No negativity towards competitors’ products or services.
  4. Product neutrality: where you are describing a product capability please be magnanimous and include as many as you can to avoid an implied breach of rule 2.


  1. Feel free to add entries.  It’s for the benefit of all. 
  2. The content rules apply. 
  3. The dictionary plugin will automatically create cross references in your posts.
  4. When you review your post you may see unwanted dictionary references, where a dictionary word has been used in a different context.  To suppress them:
    1. Highlight the word(s) and copy them to your clipboard. Keep the word(s) highlighted.
    2. In the editor menu select this icon
    3. Choose the no_dictionary_link item, paste the word(s) into the text box and press insert.
  5. You original word will now have some hidden tags to suppress the reference.
  6. Preview it again to check.

Writing Style

  1. There is no house style.  Write your way.
  2. As you will have seen from my posts the theme has lots of shortcodes to present content.  Use them, or not.  Your choice.  See “Theme Shortcodes” at top of page.


You bio will be shown after your posts.

  1. Please keep it up to date (it’s in your user profile – see left hand nav bar in the admin page.)
  2. The content should follow the same spirit as the content rules but feel free to include company websites and contact details if you want.
  3. The fact you work for a vendor needs to be transparent.


Paul Barrett

Site owner, hosting provider, admin, and editor.