About the authors

The contributors to this site are all battle-hardened process professionals who have decades of experience managing or owning process centric businesses and helping small to ultra-large companies transform their businesses.  We all have current involvement with an application vendor or consulting company but as contributors to Process-Guru.net we set aside that personal bias to provide vendor-neutral advice and guidance.

Paul Barrett (Editor)

In  my working life I have ridden the tsunami caused by workplace technology innovation.  The paper-tape telex and the fax machine were about as techy as it got in the 1970’s.  As tech developed, I became an early adopter of anything that could make business life easier and throughout I was responsible for documenting and improving business processes for the operations I ran. And over time, tech solutions emerged to help document processes.

By 2002 I was the global business process methodology lead for Avaya  which resulted in their gaining ISO 9000 Best Practice awards for the Nimbus Control process application and methodology provided by Nimbus Partners.

I liked the company so much that I joined them in 2006 as a Principal Consultant and “Visiting Prof” assisting companies such as Chevron, Nestlé, Cognos, Cisco, Talk Talk, Vodafone, Dell,  Accenture and ThyssenKrupp.  By retirement I was Software Product Manager for TIBCO Nimbus™ following TIBCO’s acquisition of Nimbus.

I continue to be involved in the business of business process management with a part-time role as product manager for Elements.cloud

Ian Gotts (Contributor)

Founder & CEO Elements.cloud : CEO : Author : Speaker : Based in San Francisco and in a 787. @iangotts ian@elements.cloud